Weekly notes


I have started to study the second chapter in the textbook I follow. It is about Ma Yinchu, a Yale educated economist from China who in the fifties started advocating for population control. His ideas were controversial at the time and it would take until the eighties until he was allowed back into the public again.

It’s a quite long text and I just started, but an interesting character. It is also interesting how celebrated he seem today and how the text assume that you will agree that it was bad to censor him for so many years.

Flashcard database

The software I use for Chinese flashcards, Pleco, save a backup of your test scores in a Sqlite database. Since my blog is also backed by sqlite it was easy enough to add a few statistics to my front-page. I have a few ideas about what I can do with the data.


Haven’t worked much with side projects the last week. Took up weight-lifting again and will try to track that here as well.